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Welcome to the Chinese-Danish Friendship Association

After a long time discussion and carefully consideration, the Chinese Danish Friendship Association (CDFA) has been finally established. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our board members and their contributions. I would also like to thank all the support from Aalborg commune.

The past two decades has witnessed a rapid development in the communication between China and Denmark. A growing number of Chinese students and businessmen came to Denmark for study and visit; at the same time an increasing interest in Chinese culture and market has been shown by Danish people. The communication between the two nations is, somehow, sometimes, difficult due to the significantly different culture backgrounds. Thus, the main aims of the CDFA are to build up a bridge between the two cultures and provide chances for people from both of the cultures to exchange experiences and learn from each other. I sincerely hope, by joining our CDFA activities, people from two cultures will have a better understanding and a better communication.

Any people who are interested in Chinese culture or Danish culture is welcome to join our association and the activities. There is no limitation with age, sex, religion, and nationality. I am looking forward to meeting both old friends and new friends. Let’s gather together, share our experiences, and make the life more meaningful and enjoyable.

Best regards from Kelun Wang